Product Overview


About the Finwise Program

Finwise is a one-stop, centralised Debt Management System for use by Debt Counsellors and Legal Professionals, and it is designed for optimal Debt Data Management. The Finwise System is linked to an accredited Payment Distribution Agency (PDA), and operates in accordance with the National Credit Act and Regulations, ensuring complete peace of mind for the user from a compliance perspective.

Finwise is web-based, which means full accessibility and flexibility whether used from a mobile device, PC, or tablet. Finwise provides an efficient workflow, promotes time-saving and simplifies management through multiple consumer data reporting.

Multiple integrations for quick and effortless processing and transacting, makes Finwise the Premier Debt Management system for the Debt Review market.


Why use Finwise?



Allows for Practitioners to customize and enhance their processing, documentation and reporting for better results.

Trusted Information

Linked to a powerful search engine for relevant Credit Bureau information.


Our seamless integrations with i-DOCS and NuPay means more work gets done in less time, all on one platform.


Allows for the NCR to have access to pertinent consumer information.


Who is Finwise for?

Debt Councellors
  • Capturing and verifying Consumer information.

  • Managing Debt Review cases and distribution of funds.

  • Tracking business processes and sales figures.

  • Viewing and managing fees and bank statements.

  • Direct communication to Creditors via system email.

  • Consumer sms sales campaigns or notifications.

  • Generating Debt Review documents.

  • Creating a Debt Restructuring proposal to submit to Creditors and Court.

  • Tracking payments and distributions through PDA.

  • Generating consumer statements.

  • Tracking payments made by consumer.

  • Uploading debit orders to service provider Altech Nupay.


Perusing Debt Review matter details, compiling Court Documents, viewing file status and monitoring of legal fees due and paid.


Perusing Debt Review matter details, compiling Court Documents, & Debt Administration cases, viewing file status and monitoring of legal fees due and paid.




Monitoring & Regulation & Compliance.


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